SFTI is located at the Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU) -
East of Foothills Parkway and North of Valmont Road.
Front Desk is normally open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
Call (303) 530-0550 or stop in to visit with us.
Directions: From Foothills Parkway turn East on Valmont Rd, turn North on Airport Rd, follow Airport Rd. onto the airport grounds (watch for the airport signs to turn left). Turn left (West) when you come to the "T" in the road. SFTI is the first building on the right - 3324 Airport Road.  Our front door is on the Southeast side of the building. Need directions? Use GoogleMaps function.

Boulder Municipal Airport  •  3324 Airport Road
Boulder, Colorado USA 80301
Tel: 303-530-0550

SFTI Employees & SFTI Instructors

Lonnie Hilkemeier

Master/Gold Seal CFII, MEI,
Mountain Flight Proficiency


FAASTeam Representative 


2005 Flight Instructor of the Year
FAA Northwest Mountain Region
and State of Colorado

Senior Flight Instructor
Tuesday - Saturday

"I was originally interested in physics/astrophysics, but after looking at schools like MIT and Boston College, I knew I wanted to be more than just a number. My high school counselor pointed me to CNCC in Rangely, CO, and that is where my aviation career all began. To this day, I can walk into that school and be greeted by NAME!

I originally was introduced to aviation when my wife gave me a discovery flight certificate at the Boulder Airport in a C152 in 1988. By 1990, I became a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI).

I am blessed that the majority of my flying has always been right here in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains! This intimate knowledge of Colorado topography and weather allows me and my staff to better help you.

I love instructing - it allows me to help others realize their lifelong dream! We hope you can experience the same personal care that molded my flight instruction style as you interact with all the SFTI staff ."

Updated September 2011
Joined SFTI staff: July 2001
First Flight Instructor Certificate: 1990
# of Instructional Hours Given: 3,160
 Learn to Fly with Ben Reich CFI and Mechanic Boulder Colorado Specialty Flight Training, Inc
Airframe & Powerplant (A&P)Mechanic

Full-Time Flight Instructor
 Monday - Saturday

"I can remember breaking out above the clouds on an airline flight as a young boy; and seeing the fluffy clouds below, I dreamed of being able to become a pilot myself someday. As a Colorado native, I was blessed to pursue my dream of flight at the Boulder Airport in 2006, completing my Private Pilot Certificate in 2007.

My passion for aviation took me to the US Air Force that same year, and I was able to continue pursuing my aviation dream as a machinist/welder working on F-16s and B-52s at Aviano AB, Italy, and Minot AFB, North Dakota. I simultaneously earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. After separating from active duty, I completed my A&P Mechanic Certificate in the fall of 2011.

I am blessed to continue flying and finished my Flight and Ground Instructor Certificates in the spring of 2012. I truly love sharing my passion for the excitement and adventure of aviation with anyone interested.”

Updated October 2013
Joined SFTI staff: April 2013
First Flight Instructor Certificate: 2012
# of Instructional Hours Given: 125


Lyn Dague
CFI, CFII, MEI, Tail Wheel,
Mountain Flight Proficiency 


Part-Time Flight Instructor
Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday

"I started flying when I was in my 40s. I drove by the airport and saw the Learn to Fly sign, so I went in and asked about taking lessons. I had flown with friends and gotten a taste of flying through them.
Now I have over 8,000 hours of dual given as a flight instructor. I enjoy sitting in the right seat and teaching people how to fly."

Updated September 2011
Joined SFTI staff: July 2001
First Flight Instructor Certificate: 1983
# of Instructional Hours Given: 10,000


Sam McGlamery
Mountain Flight Proficiency

Email Sam 

Part-Time Flight Instructor
Schedule: Available Saturday/Sunday and by appointment M-F

"I became interested in flying at the age of 14, when a friend of my father took me for a flight in his A36 Bonanza. My parents gave me a flight lesson for my 16th birthday and by the age of 17, I had my private pilot certificate.
I am just as enthusiastic about flying as I was back then. I still enjoy the beauty of flight and the excitement of a cross-country trip. What I enjoy most about flight instruction is the opportunity to experience the fun and rewarding experience of learning to fly with other people."

Updated September 2011
Joined SFTI staff: October 2003
First Flight Instructor Certificate: 2003
# of Instructional Hours Given: 670

Lee Pinover
Mountain Flight Proficiency


Email Lee

Part-Time Flight Instructor
Schedule: Tuesdays, other days by appointment

"The Flying Bug bit me as a child, while spending time in and around aircraft with my father, a long-time aviator who flew Wacos and Stearman.
I learned to fly in the Denver area, long before DIA existed. This has allowed me to become quite familiar and aware of the unique challenges and rewards of Colorado Rocky Mountain flying.
I particularly enjoy mountain flying, and sharing with others the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that aviation offers."

Updated September 2011
Joined SFTI staff: July 2001
First Flight Instructor Certificate: 1998
# of Instructional Hours Given: 660

Ben Totems CFI CFII MEI Flight Instructor at Boulder Airport
Ben Totems

 Part-Time Flight Instructor
7 days a week by appointment

"I began my aviation training at Aims College in Greeley, CO, in the Fall of 2004. I was immediately drawn to the excitement, challenge and adventure of flight!

I am continually reminded of the vast realm of knowledge and experience that I have yet to master; which encourages me to further my personal, as well as professional involvement in the aviation community.

I can honestly say that pursuing aviation has been the most challenging and rewarding path I could have chosen for a career."

Updated September 2011
Joined SFTI staff: May 2011
First Flight Instructor Certificate: 2007
# of Instructional Hours Given: 180



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